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rock art at roche-a-cri
View ancient Native American carvings (petroglyphs) and paintings (pictographs) at the foot of towering Roche-a-Cri, a butte that rises from the flat sands of central Wisconsin. You will see Thunderbirds, canoe-like crescents, turkey-tracks, humans or “bird-men,” and other designs on a sandstone wall in this quiet park setting. Learn about Wisconsin rock art and appreciate the difficulty in preserving these sacred sites. For more adventure, climb to the top of the rock to look out for tens of miles in all directions.
Then caravan to a nearby Indian mound group near New Lisbon to discover how, when, and why the effigy (animal-shaped) mounds were built.
Background image © Geri Schrab.
To learn more or to purchase artwork, visit
Trip Length: 3 Hours
Age recommendation: 8 and up
All locations are easily accessed by short walks on fairly level ground with the exception of the optional hike to the top of the butte at Roche-a-Cri.
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