The Trempealeau Interpretive Path (TRIP)


Imagine leaving your home in a dugout canoe for a 30-day voyage up the Mississippi. You journey through unfamiliar lands to a mythical place where “the mountain is surrounded by water.” Join us on this TRIP, that explores a period of time 1,000 years ago, when “Mississippians” came to what is now Trempealeau, Wisconsin. Hike up Little Bluff, over a sacred causeway that leads to three temple mounds. Learn about how and why Mississippians built these earthen platforms and enjoy the breathtaking vista looking down the Mississippi River Valley. Then it’s onto Perrot State Park, where we guide you through 13,000 years of human history in the Nature Center exhibits. We will walk among the Park’s 2,000-year-old Hopewell Mounds and explore the French Trading Post. View authentic artifacts recovered during our excavations. End the tour with a beverage at one of the local restaurants situated along the River.

Length: 3 hours

Age Recommendation: (12 and Up)

Notes:  All TRIP attractions are easily accessed by short walks on fairly level ground with the exception of the Little Bluff Mounds Trail.  Little Bluff requires a slightly strenuous ¼ mile hike up a 100-foot tall ridge.

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